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Re: Shoot sound

dev/null | 28/05/2015

Hi, don't worry. Sound is on our TODO list :) .


Stabilit | 18/04/2015

It is not possible to set to work. When adjusting sensitivity and amplify scurry green, red and blue points. Neide stabilize. When you set only red point on the center of the shot then not evaluated. Rozmyslam veb Camera as Microsoft LifeCam BE6 and Laaselyte .22 laser trainer. Thank you for your help.

Working well on Linux

EchoBravo | 27/02/2015

I have it running on Xubuntu on a very old laptop. Seems to work best in low light (settings at Sensitivity=26, Amplify=94%), using a Laserlyte cartridge. I get ghost hits in brighter light, regardless of the settings. Sometimes the first shot or several in a row will not register, but it's not like I'm wasting ammo. Highly recommend it. My CZs seem to have a special affinity for it, for some reason : )

No Video Data

Noldi | 05/02/2015

I love the idea of the shooting training program, but:
I'm having trouble getting the Hit Analyzer to show the video. I only get message `No Video Data`.
I have tried on 2 laptop computers, one runs Vista 32bit, the other Win 7 32bit.
I tried with internal camer and with USB camera (settings 30fps 640x480). Can you advise on what I might be doing wrong?

Re: No Video Data

Laabicz | 08/02/2015

try this:

It works, thanks!

pelanj | 19/01/2015

I finally tested this program on W32 (could not run in Linux - due to lack of Linux knowledge) with an old webcam (Genius Messenger e310) and it works. I am using Laser Ammo Surestrike laser cartridge. Costs something, but it is really worth it. The next step would be to get a cheap projector and try the Bubbles:)

OSX Maverick

Yazz Atlas | 03/01/2015

So just trying HomeLESS_HA_1_2b_linux out and it appears to be working. To get the missing GStreamer I installed it using homebrew

brew install gstreamer010
brew install gst-plugins-bad010

For Java I downloaded the latest jdk-8u25-macosx-x64.dmg. I also decided to download jogamp-all-platforms.7z for the native-macosx jar files.

I have not been able to get Shooting_Analyzer_0_1 to run. When I click Input the app freezes.

I would love to see this running on a Raspberry Pi capturing video from a USB input analog RCA dongle. Then I could use cheap long distance Tx/Rx RF kit like this one:

With a little work this would be great at the outdoor range. 100 yd to much more.

Re: OSX Maverick

dev\null | 05/01/2015

So, that seems to you runnig stand alone Hit Analyzer under Mac Os. We still looking for Mac Os developer to create MacPack :). Please mail to Laabicz, if you intereted in.

Shooting analyzer is still pre-aplha version. It need lot of work to turn at version 1.0. You can try to runnig source code (pde files) in Processing.

To runnig Hit Analyzer on raspberry is very interesting, but it needed special camera (USB webcam not working enough). The original camera for Rasp may work. Anyway, we actualy testing Banana pi... seems promising :)

Johna718 | 29/12/2014

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Update for site...

Laabicz | 25/11/2014

Hi everyone,
thanks for your interest about this project. But we reached maximum allowed traffic for this month, so next update of site will be in december.

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