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Bambi | 03/11/2013

I'm not able to find a LinPak of Hit Analzyer...


Laabicz | 31/10/2013

All: Thanks for using HomeLESS, It's nice to know that Hit Analyzer works fine.

Janne: 16mm target, that is very impresive. Can you send a photo of your confiuration (weapon, etc).

Zulu34: The best way how to help the project HomeLESS is telling to other people about the project. :)

florinbronson: Look at section Hit Analyzer -> Lanuage-packs.


language of simulator

florinbronson | 30/10/2013

Hi! Everithing it's ok, The functionality is 100% but I'd like to change the language; It's that possible ? How?
Many thanks, anyway, it's a wonderful program

Supporting your work

Zulu34 | 30/10/2013

How can we donate (micro funding) to support development?

The perfect tool.

Janne | 28/10/2013

Thanks guys, you have done a wonderful job, this application renders many of the commercial training systems useless just because they cost over a 1000 euros and this one doesnt. This is what I have been looking for several years to practice my rifle skills, now I can practice 300m shooting in my livingroom with a laptop and a webcam, just make a 16mm target with cad and zoom down the target area to match the target.

source code

Anton | 16/10/2013

thank you for your work. I tried start your SW in processing but libraries are missing. I copy .jar files into directory libraries but still missing. Can you help me how start in processing?
Thank you.
my email is


FFEKSPlash | 03/10/2013

Great program and easy to setup.

Thank you!

Logitech C170

Hit Analyzer Rocks!

USmate | 14/09/2013

Downloaded last night.
Installed perfectly. Works flawlessly.
Very nice work! Excellent!

Sony Vaio i7 laptop, Win7
Logitech C270 webcam
Laserlyte LT-Pro

Re: Hit Analyzer Rocks!

Laabicz | 14/09/2013

Thank you for using and providing information about conditions of runnig simulator, that is very helpful for me. I've never heard about Laserlyte it is seem this is a good accessories for Hit Analyzer.



HomeLess software

florinbronson | 01/09/2013

When can release the ssoftware ?
Many Thanks,

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