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Re: The Bubbles

HS | 17/10/2015

I have exactly the same problem!

When starting the Bubbles.bat I get:
opening socket failed!
>adress: [my ip], port:56789 [group:null]
>Adress already in use: Cannot bind

Don't know what´s wrong

Best regards

Re: Re: The Bubbles

Laabicz | 21/10/2015

please send me more info via email.
It seems to be deeper problem.

Re: Re: Re: The Bubbles

Johan | 17/02/2016

To start off, thanks for a wonderful program! :) Got everything to work except when i tryed to do as the guys above. got the same error message in console. Did you resolve the problem with the binding problem?


Hasse | 03/08/2015

Thanks a lot for outstanding work you done with this software.
Have locked for this type of program for a long time.
It works just fine for me!
Cant wait for gun shoot sounds implemented.
Is it possible to mark out the hit points for ewery shot so
one can see the hit pattern directly?

Re: Thanks

dev/null | 06/08/2015

Hi, gun shoot sound is implemented and testing now. New version coming soon.
You can see hit pattern with Shooting Analyzer (new version is also coming soon).

Bubble TD

Levent | 29/07/2015

I installed Bubble TD and calibrate camera with Hit Analyzer on Kali Linux 64 bit. Change the ini file as you write. There is no error but I can't hit anything. It always says "HIT TO START".

Re: Bubble TD

dev/null | 06/08/2015

Hi, are using Monoscope target?

Re: Re: Bubble TD

Levent | 11/08/2015

Yes I used.

how to install the program

Aghila | 26/07/2015

Hello, end thanks a lot for developing this program.
I'm very inetersted in because I'm a shooter. But I'm very very bad in computer understanding, and I dont know ohw to install your program on my computer....
Ther is no "instal" directory (I think that it's what I need??) and I don't understand how to do...
Can you help me?

Re: how to install the program

Laabicz | 27/07/2015

Hi, just download & run :D . If you have some problem with running, write me via email.

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