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Tornado, earchquakes?! No, it is XEvil.

Mashapah | 10/12/2017

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Using Hit Analyzer on Raspi3

RaspiUser | 10/04/2017

The good news is that Hit_Analuzer does indeed start at an Raspi3. The bad news is, it does not find gstreamer, hmm, i thought i read that the new Hit_Analyzer does use Processing Video Lib, there is no video source found.
Some hint's for me?


Kalev | 06/12/2016

Thank you for you work. I have problem with opening menus. Says unknown source. Win 10, 64 bit and latest Java from october.

Re: Menu

Kalev | 06/12/2016

I mean in Hit Analyzer.

Re: Re: Menu

Kost | 05/02/2017

I you use java 8 - downgrade to version 7, or download new version of hit analyzer

i not able to install

yashwanth | 05/10/2016

how the file can be unziped and files


Skeet | 07/07/2016

I would like to know how to modify the bubbles program. Is there an easy method or do I have to create a new Java program to use with the HIP?

Homeless onthe Raspberry Pi or some other device with ARM architecture

Jozef | 04/12/2015

Hi all,

do you plan to release a build which is compatible with Raspberry Pi or some other device with ARM architecture?


Re: Homeless onthe Raspberry Pi or some other device with ARM architecture

Laabicz | 05/12/2015

RasPi one is too slow, but we not tested it on RasPi Two.
Anyway, on 23 October 2015 was released Processing 3 (the language and IDE for Hit Analyzer) which also supported ARM. This seems to be the way to get HomeLESS project to ARM.



The Bubbles

Manuel | 08/08/2015

I do not manage to make work Hit Analyzer with The Bubbles with the predetermined configurations. Forming both programs according to the instructions The Bubbles does not answer to the impacts in the projected image. Hitanalyzer detects the impacts and send the data to the formed ports. The Bubbles does not receive information of the impacts I use Windows Xp SP3 and both programs in the same Laptop
Are the port configuration in both Ini Files correct ?
Best Rregards

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