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Hit Analyzer 1.3a is released

30/12/2016 17:00
Good news everyone! We are proud to announce that this project is not dead and we can release new version of Hit Analyzer for GNU/Linux and MS Windows. You can download it from Google drive. Here is a list of some changes of new version: 3th party GStreamer library was changed to Processing video...

Shooting Analyzer 0.2 is released!

31/12/2015 15:00
Hello everbody, this year we were focused to hardware parts of HomeLESS project. We made lot of work. We developed first 3D printed laser gun for You, visited OpenAlt 2015 with our laser shooting range and more. So at the end of this year we have little present for you, the new version of Shooting...

Pi One assembly video

19/11/2015 22:33
Hello, the first video guide of Pi One assembling is finished. You found it on youtube: This video describes step by step how to assemble trigger mechanism from printed parts. Next videos about assembling will follow.   Enjoy   Laabicz

OpenAlt 2015 invitation

01/11/2015 21:13
Hello everbody, we invite You to the OpenAlt 2015 conference in Brno, czech republic. The event takes place 11/7 and 11/8 in this place. The presentation of HomeLESS project will be on Sunday at 3:30 pm (complete program is here). Glad to see You in Brno!  

Pi One video presentation

22/10/2015 07:12
Hello everbody, the new 3D printed laser gun has new video presentation. You can watch it at youtube. Also new link to article about HomeLESS on Popural Arisoft portal is added.   Enjoy

LASER-gun is dead all hail to the LaBr-gun

12/10/2015 22:57
Hello everyone, after some time (a long time - sorry) we finally finished the first LaBr-gun of HomeLESS project for 3D printer. You can download all files for 3D print from thingiverse ( EDIT: Added List of parts. The full Assembly guide will be released...

3D printed LaBr-gun prototype finished

24/05/2015 22:00
Hi everone, after finish first prototype of self designed and printed LaBr-gun we bring you some new photos. You found them in our Photogalery. So Enjoy!

Mechanical Shooting Galery N.001

03/05/2015 20:30
During programing new version of software, 3D printing LaBr-Guns we play with arduino and create new toy for HomeLESS project. You found it's description on page: Hardware -> Mechanical Shooting Galery N.001   So, enjoy   Laabicz

3D printed LaBR-Gun

09/04/2015 22:00
After few tests with wooden pistol, we can create something more modern. The own open-hardware 3D printed LaBr-gun. Thanks to Czech 3D Printer, the Rebel 2, we can easily create prototypes of grip that fit to hand. As you can see in picture below, this LaBr-gun will be very simple to print and...


16/02/2015 20:21
We added new pages. First one is Troubleshooting for Hit Analyzer. The second is about connecting The Bubbles with Hit Analyzer.   Enjoy
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